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Sci-fi BDSM: Aeon Flux meets Gor
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20140828-1ne 6768 by alexcollar

This is one of the most tender and touching BDSM shots I've seen in a while! The style suggests a quick snapshot, possibly a selfie alt...

Dance me to the end of love by GerryPelser

The fetish world has long had an affinity for the trappings of ballet. Corsetry, specialty hose, short skirts, and the famous "ballet b...

Beam's First Bondage Shoot 07 by PEPalfreyman

There is something about =PEPalfreyman's work that inspires me to comment and critique more than other artists. The body of work is lar...

Ludella and Nyxon Shackled by PEPalfreyman

Four ankle cuffs, four wrist cuffs, two wide collars, two models, a stone wall, and one light source. The models squat in their heels a...

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20140828-1ne 6768 by alexcollar
This is one of the most tender and touching BDSM shots I've seen in a while! The style suggests a quick snapshot, possibly a selfie although neither subject looks to be in a position to take it.

The girl's pose shows off the collar and ballgag to good effect, with three padlocks clearly visible: one integral to the collar, one on the chain from her collar's ring, and one on the hasp of the ballgag's strap. This could be a demonstration photo for her bondage, but for the moment it depicts.

The gag is strapped tight, keeping the ball behind her teeth and tugging slightly at the corner of her mouth. Despite this, her cheekbones and lips betray a smile of contentment. Her eyes are closed yet relaxed, her brow unwrinkled where the man places a tender kiss upon it.

The clothes worn by the pair appear to be ordinary t-shirts, and the scene seems a domestic one with potted plants and an open garden door in the background. The bondage is not a dramatic scene meant to impress, but an integral part of the love shared between this couple.

This photo causes me to envy the couple for what they have between them, rather than what he's put on her. Extremely moving!
Flag for Kinky People in Vanilla Relationships by GospodinP
Flag for Kinky People in Vanilla Relationships
This is my rendition of a “pride flag” representing kinky people who are in vanilla relationships.

The imagery is a modification of the “black and blue with love” motif of the Leather Pride flag. The top half of the flag is filled with a field of the colour “vanilla”, and the white band in the center forms a fracture line across the heart, which is larger and more central. The fracture line is formed so that the bottom fragment takes the shape of a jagged and pointed heart itself.

I of course have my own reasons for the choices I made in this design, but I will take a page from Tony DeBlase and leave the specifics up to the viewer for now.


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I use DA primarily to develop the sci-fi BDSM setting of Torei :icontoreans::
Your First Trip to Torei
Your first view of Torei from space is a bit of a disappointment, all told.  You suppose you've seen realistic images before, but the picture of the planet in everyone's heads is the stylized diagram used for their celestial ensign: a grey globe circled by a green sash at the equator, black ziggurats sprouting clouds from the poles.
Whenever someone spots the image above a starport berth, wild tales fill the corridors and canteens.  The Toreans have no shipyards of their own, and the sight of their flag on a second-hand haulier or cruise vessel is often the only hint that anything may be different within.  You always hear one or two maintenance techs swearing oaths that they serviced it and saw a brothel of chattel slaves inside, or customs clerks confiding that one entry on the manifest is code for human cargo.
In the years you've been starfaring, you began to think of the planet itself as a bit of a tall tale in its own right.  That's why you'r
The Lead
There is now a fully-produced dramatic reading of this tale available as an MP3.
"Kamn, you Freewombs expect the silver pedestal, don't you?"
Alice held her tongue, knowing that the evening's liquor still buzzed in her head.  The lack of inhibition that had landed her this after-party job was likely to only get her into trouble now.  So instead she rested on her knees, grabbed the bars of her gilded cage and let it swing gently, batting her eyelashes up at him.
Her client threw his hands up in frustration and shook his head, grinning from one corner of his mouth as if in disappointment and disbelief.  
"I hired you to entertain, and that's it.  You did your exotic off-world dances in the cage and now our contract is finished.  Don't think that just because you shook some meat behind those bars tonight that that earns you my collar."
Alice was at a complete loss for how t
Full Audio Production of The Lead by GospodinP Letter of MarkLetter of Mark
by Satan_Klaus
A collection of letters from a space pirate stranded in booty bay.
This is a work of erotic fiction by Satan_Klaus. It was first published on
Story codes:
Main topics: M/f , D/s , B/D , slavery , sciFi
Side topics:   toys , spanking
This work is licensed under
For comments, suggestions, hate mail and other feedback use:
This is my interpretation of Torei. It may, or may not, conform to other stories set on Torei you might have read.
Nevertheless, it should make for a good read for both new and old readers. Basically no foreknowledge is required because the main character finds himself on Torei and as surprised about the local customs as a new reader.

Letter of Mark
Dear Allie,
I don't know when this missive will reach you or even if. I'm stranded in a galactic backwater – it was really hard to

and there are more explicit descriptions of the setting in:
Torei FAQWhat follows is a list of questions that have actually been asked about Torei. These questions come from the comments section of the Toreans DA group, comments on individual deviations, and private queries to Gospodin.
The answers come from the Torean deviations themselves, or occasionally from the musings of Gospodin or another contributor.
What is Torei?
Torei is a science fiction setting for BDSM literature and art.
How do I join in?
All you need to do is create art or literature set on Torei.
Isn't there a lot I need to read and learn first?
No, you don't have to read anything.
That is, if you like, go right ahead. But no one should feel constrained by what has come before. The goal is for us to inspire each other, not to fuss about details!
But I do wa
A Blagger's History of Torei

There’s a lot of talk about Torei, lately. You hear folks chatting about it in hushed tones, wondering if what other folks say is true. People want to know how to get there, how safe you are once you get there, and would you get in trouble when you come back. You see people scowling angrily about Torei’s human rights problems, but those same people are the ones who have copies of Torean Love Slave hidden away someplace private.
But most of all, people want to know how such a place could have existed all this time. How could human life have developed on this isolated planet in the middle of nowhere while we were busy inventing intergalactic ships and coating every inhabitable surface of the Milky Way with our culture? We’ve become so used to human life being the only sapient intelligence on Earth-like worlds. So why, then, is Torean culture so…alien to us?
Well if you listen to me closely, I will te
Advice for writing Torei talesAll right, so you’re a writer or a visual artist who is interested in Torei, and wants to get involved. You’re a little bit daunted by , but the fiction or the images captured your imagination and you want to join in. Welcome!
I hope in this document to help you understand what Torei is all about without drowning you in dense history. So let’s start within the nutshell:Torei is a far-distant planet in a far-distant future, and feels like Aeon Flux meets Gor.If you’ve never heard of one or both of these, you might think “Oh, I guess I should wait until I’m more familiar with those things.” Please don’t feel intimidated by the references! It’s just shorthand for people who do know what they are. Here’s all you need to know:
What’s Aeon Flux?
Aeon Flux was a rather dark and slightly kinky sci-fi cartoon series that appeared on MTV’s Liquid Tele

I'm also working on an RPG set on Torei: Help me Make a Torean RPG: Make Characters!I’ve been re-reading the old journal entry at and working on a system that lets us tell interesting Torean stories. In studying Vincent Baker’s Dogs in the Vineyard I have come to understand that much of the power of its rules is how carefully they were tailored for the situations that occur in his setting. I’d like to produce something as carefully tailored to Torei as his game was to 19th century Utah.
To help me, I’d like you folks to create characters. I’m still convinced that Dogs has the best conflict resolution system for stories like these, and I’ll be starting with a few pieces of its basic character generation process. This will help us explore what other elements should take focus in the rules.
How to make a character
What sort of character would you want to play on Torei? Do you want to be a man of status with a harem of slaves, or a lowly man with only

Torchat: wmd7o6ojwodyw37s

Torei RPG

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 11, 2014, 4:25 AM
The draft Torei RPG rules are up at… !

I've been tinkering with a set of rules for a dice-and-character-sheets role-playing game set on Torei for a couple of years now.  Well I finally got my act together and produced a web page that explains the rules.  It's currently a draft, but I feel that it's got enough to start playing right now!

 It mostly needs the bits about NPC generation written and the example character fixed up.  Beyond that, I need to know what you think of it!

The document's development is hosted at github so you can make a quick edit and submit that to me as a pull request, or file a problem in the issue tracker or just reply to this journal or send me a :note:!

What do you think of this game?  Would you play it?  What sort of characters and situations would you want to get into?

The group announcement is at  Role-Playing GameMany of you will remember that I was working on a dice-and-character-sheet role-playing story game for Torei.  Two years ago we went through some basic character creation exercises in a journal, and I tried to work out what would be difficult for people to learn about a new system.
Well I never stopped tinkering with those rules, and eventually I sat down and ground out These Draft Rules for the system.  I encourage anyone interested to go and take a look through them and tell me what you think!
There's still a lot of work to be done on fixing up the examples, writing up more of the section for the GM, and generally making the text clearer.  To that end, I'm particularly interested in what parts of the rules page don't make sense to you, or what's confusing or vague.
Finally, you'll note that I put a github link in, and SatanKlaus has already contributed a few ch

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